Applications Open for Batch 2!


Oct 24- Nov 4th, 2022

Fundraise-ready in 2 weeks. For first timers and for pros. By the #1 team that helps women succeed in VC. Virtual. Free. Inclusive. Unapologetic. Want in?

Our alumni have raised over $20M (and counting)
at the pre-seed or seed stage.

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What Past Founders Have to Say

What Past Founders Have to Say

All the sessions were quite valuable. It is an amazing program for female founders, and I would like it to succeed and grow exponentially so that it can support many more founders like me and create an ecosystem which is more conducive to female founders.

Bhumika VagrechaFinMind Corporation
What Past Founders Have to Say

I really appreciated the program. I have grown so much, and it really changed me from a small business owner to a startup founder. I feel so much more prepared when it comes to fundraising. I feel supported by everyone I met: the G&W team, the fellow founders and the speakers. The program provided me with what I need to build my business to the next level.

Huayi HeBilin Academy
What Past Founders Have to Say

We are so thankful for the sense of direction that the program gave Natia and me. We felt a little lost beforehand- planning a fundraising round can be intimidating- but we are definitely better off now, and have a clear plan!

Izzy DorickoSupergenia
What Past Founders Have to Say

This program gives first time founders an excellent foundation to help prepare to raise an institutional round. G&W really knows how to foster a sense of community. The highs and lows set up a safe space where we could relate to the roller coaster ride we are all on, and I was also able to connect with a few people in a 1:1 capacity that felt very supportive. Thank you for this amazing group you all brought together!

Julia PeterLocal, Away

Best-in-Class counsel for founders

Cooley supports Graham & Walker Catlayst participants with best-in-class counsel, deferred fees, and discounted services.

“Cooley’s team did a great job at helping me navigate our raise. Their founder-friendly and collaborative approach helped us to close our complex round seamlessly.”

– Founder-turned-customer Paroma Indilo

We understand the unique challenges that await women and non-binary founders, especially those of marginalized identities. We are here to help. Even if you don’t think your company is qualified or ready for the Catalyst, we encourage you to apply. Our program is designed to support a wide variety of founders, including first-time founders.

In our four years running programming for founders, we have learned that companies we are best suited to help get ready to fundraise have clarity on their business, their product, and have evidence of demand. This could mean anything from a waitlist, to signed LOIs, to pilot customers, to paying customers.

We specifically look for companies that understand their business model, target customers, and go to market strategy. We want you to use your time with us to prepare to fundraise, not to pivot! If you’re in the idea phase of your company or product, we’d be happy to refer you to other suitable programs, or would love to see you apply for the next Cohort!

If you are not selected, we will create an opportunity for you to get feedback from the selection process, and if eligible, you will be added to our Founder Community where you’ll benefit from programming, resources, and support from fellow founders year-round.

As far as you, the founder? Founders who succeed are highly coachable, skilled at interpreting and implementing feedback, and ready to put their full focus on the program.

Applicants must have a woman or non-binary founder. Founders are encouraged to bring co-founders to all programming.

There are three main pillars of the Catalyst:

  1. Cohort Experience: the fellow founders in your Cohort are on the same path as you, and we facilitate connection & encouragement so you don’t feel alone in your CEO-seat. We start and close each week with just the Cohort. Founders from past Cohorts have said their Cohort is, in the long run, so much more valuable than they had anticipated.
  2. Group Sessions with industry experts, including exclusive and high value offers from partners: We bring experts in to provide knowledge and advice on areas specifically related to fundraising and what you need to know as a founder about operating a business in order to be defensible in front of investors. We curate, customize, and tailor this content specifically to the woman or nonbinary founder experience. Our conservative value of these is $50k. 
  3. Mentorship: Through the program, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule 1:1 time with select, vetted mentors who are uniquely qualified to give you guidance at this early stage of your journey.

0$ to you! We work hard to secure corporate partnership dollars to sponsor this program so that it can be completely free to all entrepreneurs. 


For the Fall Cohort, the programming will be fully virtual. The two weeks will be time-intensive,  occupying up to 30hrs/week! Please plan to clear your schedule for the two weeks of the program so you can maximize the opportunity. 

We honor your time in applying with a thorough review. 

If your application rises to the top during application review, we will invite you to a virtual interview. Interviews will occur at the end of September into October. 

From hundreds of applications, we will select ~20 companies for the Catalyst program. 

If you are not selected, it doesn’t mean you aren’t building something amazing! It more likely means we don’t believe we are the best vehicle to support you at this stage of your company, and we would hope to see you back in the pool at a later date. 

By participating in this program, your startup will automatically be included in our founder community and be screened for investment. You are also welcome to pitch us directly here. You can learn more about the G&W Fund and our investment thesis here.

Oct 24th- Nov 4th, 2022 every weekday from 9 am – 2 pm PT. All of our planned programming will be held within this window with the exception of office hours where you can select the time that works for you.