Tomorrow is the night! Demo night!

Tomorrow we rock it out!
It was less than 4 months ago that I hired my team, the incomparable Anita Loomba and Sage Quiamno. On their first day, I told them my "BHAG" (that’s business peak for big, hairy, audacious goal): "I want to launch a national accelerator. In September. Of this year." To their credit, they nodded. We exchanged nervous laughs, and then we got to work.
It’s hard to believe it but here. We. Are. The day before our demo night for Ready Set Raise. It is an amazing, surreal feeling.
We’ve all come a long way and after this incredible journey, I can’t overstate how inspired I am by the grit and grace of our eight selected participants. This past month has been super intense – this week even more so – and through it all they’ve been patient, high-spirited and above all else hungry. Hungry to secure investment to scale their companies. Hungry to change the world.

It is hard to believe that, after all this time, Ready Set Raise will wrap tomorrow. But before we say goodbye to our Class of 2018, we have one final chance to hear from them and celebrate together. To celebrate them. And to celebrate all the founders who are on this journey together. I invite you to join us for our Closing Party + Demo Night tomorrow night at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. It will be a Demo Night like you’ve never witnessed before. And a fun party to follow, too! See you all there! Leslie Feinzaig & the Ready Set Raise Team
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