G&W LP Summit

Thank you to our LPs, prospective LPs, and portfolio founders who joined us on the one-year anniversary of the launch of our fund to hear from our incredible portfolio founders and see the progress we’ve made.

Together we’ll reshape the Nasdaq.

Featured speakers:

Leslie Feinzaig, Founder & Managing Director, Graham & Walker Venture Fund

Divya Kakkad, GM of Platform, Graham & Walker

Amanda Eldridge, VP of Business Development, Graham & Walker

Grin Lord, G&W Portfolio Founder & CEO, mpathic

Kerri Schroeder, President – Seattle Market, Bank of America, G&W LP Investor

Melissa Painter, G&W Portfolio Founder, Breakthru

Betti Fujikado, Co-Founder, Success Cohorts, G&W LP Investor

Erin Quick, G&W Portfolio Founder & CEO, PairTree

Court Lorenzini, G&W LP Investor, Founder, Director

Rohre Titcomb, COO & Venture Partner, Graham & Walker Venture Fund

Vanessa Rissetto, G&W Porfolio Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Culina Health

Steven Kuyan, G&W Portfolio Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Culina Health

A huge thank you to our partners at Google, Seattle Bank, Bank of America, SVB, Vistra, and Justworks for making this day possible.

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