G&W Forum: Fireside with Sarah Moret, Founder & CEO of Curie

A fireside chat with Sarah Moret, Founder & CEO of Curie to to hear about her Shark Tank experience as well as the setbacks she’s faced as a female founder and why she believes in the power of manifesting in times of doubt.

About Sarah Moret

Sarah launched Curie in 2018 with $12,000 from her own pocket after her struggle to find an all-natural and aluminum-free deodorant that ACTUALLY worked. Since then, the brand has quickly grown a cult following and can be found in over 300 stores nationwide, including Nordstrom and Anthropologie. Curie’s mission is to give ALL women the confidence to accomplish their dreams and feel good about themselves by providing simple (but important) hygiene products to help live healthier lives.

About Curie: Curie creates safe and effective hygiene products for humans in motion. Setting the beauty standards for both “clean” and “natural” – each product is safe for the planet and for your body, made with sustainably sourced ingredients; always leaving you feeling refreshed and smelling just as good!

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