Graham & Walker’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Every year we round up the best products and services from our community of founders that would make great holiday gifts. We are excited to reveal this year’s list! One of the simplest ways to show support is to purchase from these amazing women-owned businesses, subscribe to their services, and then SHARE your experience with your friends and family. Happy Shopping!

Hand crafted whey spirit from Wheyward Spirit. Complex and sippable with a natural creamy smoothness, its signature flavor is defined by oaky hints of vanilla, and warm spice, rounded out with a subtle fruit sweetness followed by a velvety smooth finish.

Fuchsia shoes sells beautifully handmade ballets flats designed for comfort and durability. Fuchsia sources all premium quality raw materials locally, and uses sustainable materials like recycled denim, jute and organic cotton.

A Dance Church Go Subscription. Dance Church offers joyful and welcoming movement classes taught by professional dance artist and designed for people of all backgrounds, identities, and body types. Stream classes online and dance together, from wherever.

Mom Juice – Pinot Grigio Wine from KT Winery. This lively Pinot Grigio has citrus and green apple notes, with only 5 grams of sugar per bottle, so it definitely counts toward the “fruit” section of your food pyramid. Mommin’ is hard, but Mom Juice goes down easy.

Affirm Me Decorative Throw Pillows are stylish, affirming, and are infused with excellence. Choose between four designs. The Elite Kid in your life will love repeating, “I am Brave. I am Kind. I am Smart.”

Keep your underwear drawer looking fresh with Perfect Panty Briefs a subscription from Panty Drop.

Jelliebend, the first wearable yoga accessory that harnesses the power of body heat and compression to improve mobility, support the lower back, and accelerate muscle recovery.

Mini Blue Khamsa, a protective talisman bringing good fortune, health and happiness from AuXchange Gold Jewlery.

Plum Purple Compression Gloves for Arthritis by Grace & Able. Support tired hands with our colorful cotton-stretch compression gloves, and keep doing the things you love.

Silk Tassle Earrings from LOKA.HAUS, a luxury lifestyle brand that creates sustainable, versatile goods in apparel, jewelry, skincare, fragrance, & art.

Shop delicious edibles and Gift boxes with items from Black-owned businesses from The Ally League.

Get a beautiful one of a kind Custom Name Necklace from QBeauté Beauty Marketplace.

Gift a monthly or annual membership to Reciple that grants unlimited access to hundreds of ad-free recipes.

TreatTeek is a convenient, cleanable, eco-friendly treat bag that clips onto leashes, bags, belt loops, and more, making it possible to have treats handy while on the go! Goodbye pocket crumbs, hello easy treat dispensing!

Awesome Graham & Walker Gear including our cool notebook, adorable baby onesie or our super comfy hoodie!

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