From our newsletter: Holiday time! Are you thriving or surviving?

I remember the days when holidays meant time off, reconnecting with friends and family, fabulous vacation travel and end of year bonuses.
But now, I am a mom and an entrepreneur. For me, holidays are no longer blissful and restful. Holidays mean hustling to get some sell through (yes, I still have Venture Kits inventory), and feeling guilty that I don’t have time to concoct a gourmet meal from scratch, entertain at Martha Stewart standards, or make an Insta-ready dessert to bring to friends’ parties. Holidays mean a lull in investor meetings and an extra $1,000 in baby sitters – $1,000 that I honestly can’t spare. Holidays mean facing the end of another year in the front lines of entrepreneurship, and yes, celebrating successes – but also, coming to terms with all the ways that I screwed up and all the times that things just didn’t go my way.
Mind you, I’ve had a very good year. But still.
If you’ve ever founded a company, you know how hard this can be. If you haven’t, I hope by now you’ll take my word for it.
So here’s the deal. I know you guys aren’t used to getting advertised to in this newsletter. And I know that you’re probably up to your ears in shopping lists and gift guides. But you’re also paying attention because you want to support female founders – you tell me this all the time. And what better way than with your holiday spending dollars. Today I’m proud to share the 2018 FFA Holiday Offer Guide. A curated list of deals and offers from FFA members that you won’t find anywhere else, from shoes to exercise equipment to coaching to business services. We hope you’ll find something here for your loved ones, and perhaps a treat for yourself, too. Don’t forget to use the promo codes! Happy shopping!
Until next time, Leslie Feinzaig CEO & Founder, Female Founders Alliance
PS. These offers all expire by Dec 31st, 2018.
Ready? Set? Shop!
20% off all orders. Orders over $400 get 30 minutes of FREE design time + printing to personalize and print a postcard to include on your Capuli Club boxes – perfect for customized gifting. Promo Code: FFAbuiltbycommunity
10% off CreositySpace, inspiring kids to learn STEM through storytelling and entrepreneurship. Promo Code: FFA10
Safely cycle your whole self stronger anywhere with Excy! $150 off so you can get healthier in 2019, even if battling injury, disability, or health conditions. Promo Code: FFARocks
25% off one of a kind, sustainably made artisan shoes and accessories from Fuchsia shoes. Offer ends Dec 5th 11:59 PM PST. Promo Code: FFA25
15% off GoCoach services for businesses and individuals who want to upskill themselves and own their career. Promo Code: FFAGoCoach15
$20 gift card to use toward any service on No minimum purchase! Promo Code: FFA20
20% off Namastream’s e-learning platform, which enables experts to teach, train, and coach to anyone from anywhere, and go from idea to open-for-business in minutes. Promo Code: FFASpecial
15% off your entire order of Pandere Shoes – hip, comfortable, fun shoes that FIT, for people who can’t get into regular off the rack shoes. Promo Code: FFAFRIENDS15
For future founders only: 30% off Venture Kits, fun activity kits to develop kids’ leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Promo Code: FFA30
80% off a 2019 Vision Platform (Strategic Vision and Execution package, plus software). Limited to the first 10 purchases only. Promo Code: SmartStrategyFFA
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