Founder Friday Feature: Sandra Appiah Babu-Boateng, Co-founder and CEO, LegacyShift

What inspired you to start your company?

LegacyShift is a B2B SaaS platform that automates and streamlines workplace mentorship and coaching programs. We leverage AI/ML and gamification to help organizations leverage their internal talent to hone new skills, elevate, and inspire their workforce at scale so they can retain them.

As an immigrant and black woman, I’ve found that mentorship and coaching is essential to life and career success. Yet, millions of professionals, particularly from diverse backgrounds, have never had a mentor or are unable to find one in their company because it is elitist, oftentimes based on who you know or your position.

Remote work has heightened this problem as it’s meant less hands-on support, fewer opportunities to network, build visibility, and learn from others. Alternatives like professional coaching are expensive and inaccessible to many. That’s why I am building LegacyShift.

Who are your cofounders, and what makes you a great team?

My co-founder Isaac and I have 20+ years combined experience advising companies on DEI and workplace culture, and building platforms, initiatives and programs to support the growth and advancement of multicultural professionals. We built the largest U.S. based digital media platform for the Black diaspora community, scaling to 3M+ monthly users and engaging large enterprises. such as Prudential, Toyota, State Farm, and more.

How is LegacyShift making a difference?

LegacyShift truly gives everyone a fair chance to succeed by connecting them with the right support system to help them achieve their personal and professional aspirations.

What are some of the challenges you have faced?

Biggest challenge so far has been fundraising in such a tough climate

What is your biggest win? 

We recently completed Techstars, got an amazing feature in Forbes, and have over 40 organizations on our waitlist.

Who is your role model?

I have so many role models and mentors who I haven’t yet met. but I consider them mentors because I learn so much from them from afar. Mellody Hobson, president and co-CEO of Ariel Investment is one of my favorite “virtual” mentors. I am inspired by her journey and have learned so much from her as one of the most influential Black women in business.

What do you wish you had known before starting your company?

That fundraising is all about who you know and to start building the network as early as possible.

What is your CEO superpower?

I am resilient. As a founder, you will face many challenges and difficult situations. The secret is to persevere!

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