FFA’s Investors Circle

Dear Investors,

You are integral to FFA’s mission to accelerate the success of women and non-binary founded startups. Our investor community has grown to 400+ funds, syndicates and angels nationally. But not all investors are alike in our book – some are passive with our community. Others are in the arena with us. If that’s you, we want to tell the world who you are.

That’s why we’re introducing the FFA Investors Circle: a private club for funds and angels who support FFA and our community. Demonstrate your leadership, broaden your reach, and be front of the line for our highly engaged community of 1000+ women and non-binary founded companies (and counting).

We need your participation now more than ever, because we are navigating uncharted territory. Things will not go back to normal for a long time, if ever, but we need to plan for success. We believe that the most important companies in a generation will take off in the next 18 months. Those companies will be started by gritty, creative, hungry, scrappy, underdog entrepreneurs who are experiencing new realities and unprecedented problems. We need to adapt and grow, find those founders, help accelerate their success, and give them access to YOU.

We ask that you join us in this journey by joining our Investors Circle.

What you get

Once you join, here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Recognition on our website for one year
  • Recognition on our social media channels
  • Quarterly Investor Circle matches with promising FFA founders who want to develop relationships before fundraising
  • Discounts on our sponsorship opportunities, events, and custom FFA programming
  • Coming soon: a private online community to connect with other investors and FFA founders

Circle Levels

There are four levels at which you can participate. You can do so as a personal sponsorship at any level, or as a fund sponsorship at the Gold or Platinum level.

  • Platinum Recognition, $2350 (Available to Funds & Individuals)
  • Gold Recognition, $1650 (Available to Funds & Individuals)
  • Silver Recognition, $1000 (Available to Individuals only)
  • Bronze Recognition, $500 (Available to Individuals only)

We are currently not enabled to individually vet all signatories, and we know the VC space has occasional bad actors. As such, we are employing FFA’s honor code of conduct for everyone in the Investors Circle. By joining, you are committing to operate under that code.

Join us!

If you’re ready to commit, make it official here. If you have any questions first, email us anytime. Thank you for being a part of our journey.


Leslie & the Female Founders Alliance team

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