FFA Intern Feature- Isabelle Nimick, Doulaworks

Isabelle Nimick is an intern for Doulaworks. She is majoring in Sociology and receiving certificates in History and Practice of Diplomacy at Princeton University.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

I grew up outside of Washington D.C. in McLean, Virginia. Growing up, I attended a very small international school. That shaped me to be extremely open-minded and prioritize academia in my education. So when I entered high school, going to public school my freshman year was a big change but I had incredible friends but transferred to a half-boarding-half-day all-girls school from sophomore to senior year. The reason for my transfer was because of its internship program that was built into the curriculum. That program and the school’s rigorous school work lead me to choose Princeton. I engaged in cancer research, working on Capitol Hill, and community service which sparked my interest in interdisciplinary education at college. Furthermore, I wanted to be a part of clubs and programs that vary in their activities.

How was your life impacted by COVID-19?

COVID-19 has caused a lot of uncertainty and disruption to my plans. Leaving school abruptly, I have not been able to see any of my friends from school and online learning was challenging. I was also supposed to be in New York City this summer working for a nonprofit through Princeton. However, the cancellation of plans, a new way of education, and the loss of friends were the biggest impacts for me.

Tell us about the company you are interning for and what have you been working on.

I am interning for Doulaworks. It is a startup comprised of a community of modern families and doulas who are coming together to help normalize the struggles and joys of pregnancy. I have been working primarily on researching competitors or organizations we wish to work in. Rachel has also given me resources to help educate myself on the disparities and discrimination faced in the sexual and reproductive health field. I have been tasked to be in charge of starting an education guide from preconception to postpartum for the Doulaworks community to have access to.

What are some goals for a future career?

All I intend for my future career is that I am in a position to help others and be a part of something greater than myself. This experience has made me realize there are other ways to help others and ways that are for-profit. I also realized that there are communities like FFA out there that are there to support people. So I will be more likely to be involved in organizations like this in my own future endeavors.

Who are your role models/ inspires you? Why?

My biggest inspirations are the strong female figures who raised me and my friends. I think people who are unapologetically themselves, do what they want, but are completely selfless and loving inspire me to do the same.

What do you consider your superpower?

My ability to make people feel comfortable and confide in me.

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