FFA Intern Feature- Holly Hanson, UpBrainery

Holly Hanson was an intern for UpBrainery. She is currently majoring in Communications with a minor in Education at Villanova University.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

I am from Riverside, CT (NYC suburb). I go to school at Villanova University; so I have lived my life thus far on the east coast! This summer I’ve been able to do this job remotely staying with friends in Seattle which has been such a valuable experience living somewhere new and different.

How was your life impacted by COVID-19?

One of the biggest impacts for me was that I was supposed to be studying abroad during the summer and fall of this year, and I am now unable to go. I was looking forward to the study abroad experience greatly and it was definitely a big let down. I am hoping that at another point in my life I have the opportunity to live and work abroad!

Tell us about the company you interned for and what you worked on.

I worked for UpBrainery: an educational technology company providing a platform for students to learn. COVID-19 has actually been great timing for this company whose main purpose is online learning. I worked on marketing and connecting with influencers, social media posts, and onboarding tutors for the platform.

Has there been a certain project or experience during your internship that you would like to share?

A really cool part of my job has been setting up online interviews with professionals in STEM and just getting the chance to talk with them about education and curriculum, particularly in response to COVID.

What are some goals for a future career?

I would like to have some experience working in fields related to my communications major (i.e. Marketing or HR) but eventually, I want to end up teaching elementary or middle school.

What do you consider your superpower?


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