FFA Holiday Gift Guide 2019

People often wonder how they can support women and non-binary founders. One of the simplest ways we can think of – a really concrete and meaningful way – is to purchase their products, subscribe to their services, and then SHARE your experience with your friends and family.

We reached out to our members to give them the chance to be featured in our holiday gift guide, and here’s this year’s list! This holiday season, you have a chance to give some amazing gifts to your loved ones, created by our community.

Cone & Steiner Holiday Delivery in Seattle!

Beer + Wine, Specialty Snacks + Sweets, Gift Bags, Local Goods and Mercantile, and so much more! Now offering 10% off + Free Delivery for all FFA Member and Friend Orders through 12/24! Order now at: shop.coneandsteiner.com

Corlinc: Connect with your buyers

Simplify the way you engage with, market, and sell to your audience online. Now you can consolidate your content, social media, and ecommerce into one unified brand experience for just $29.99/month. Discover more: https://corlinc.com

Ends+Stems: Meal Plans to Save Time and Reduce Food Waste

Ends+Stems is an online meal planning app that will take the mental burden of deciding what to buy and cook off your plate! And, at the same time, you’ll effortlessly reduce your household food waste which is an impactful way to act better for the planet. Built by a professional chef, we post 3 new meals that fit together like a puzzle (and match your preferences) each week. One click generates a grocery list which you can shop from your preferred sources. Simply cook along and do your part to save the planet. Sign up here: https://endsandstems.com/

The Excy Portable Exercise Bike

This total body portable exercise bike weighs 14 pounds, but matches heavy cycling equipment found in gyms with 2 to 70 pounds of bi-directional resistance. In one system that folds for easy storage and transport, you get a quality upper body ergometer, recumbent exercise bike, step cycle, and bed bike. It’s perfect for aerobic and anaerobic resistance training, especially for those battling limited mobility due to injury, disability, or a health condition. A free mobile coaching app offers guided training. Check us out: www.excy.com

Flight, online personal training. Anytime. Anywhere.

Flight is a personal fitness training platform that connects clients with real personal trainers and yoga instructors for live, interactive fitness sessions anytime, anywhere. Less expensive than F2F personal training but with all the personalization and live coaching you get in real life. You can do 1:1 or invite up to 2 workout buddies to join you. Gift subscriptions are available. Take Flight today: https://www.takeflight.live/

Fuchsia Shoes: Beauty, comfort and durability

Fuchsia shoes sells beautifully handmade ballets flats designed for comfort and durability. We work with small scale artisans who lack access to global markets, cutting out the middleman. By making high quality shoes for Fuchsia, artisans are able to make a livable wage – about three times more than they would normally make. Fuchsia sources all premium quality raw materials locally, and uses sustainable materials like recycled denim, jute and organic cotton.

Visit www.fuchsiashoes.com and enter discount code FFA for 20% off orders of $75 and above!I

Gemma Haircare Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Good hair days are calling! Your hair wants you to try Gemma so you can get the hair of your dreams. Based on your hair density, texture, structure, and hair goals, we utilize data and science to recommend the perfect formulas for you. No more guessing what the right products are for your hair, simply take the hair quiz and start getting good hair days 365 days a year. Use discount code FFA for 20% off!

Great hair is waiting here: www.gemmahaircare.com/?promo=FFA

Grief Coach

A Grief Coach subscription is the best way to let your grieving loved one know they’re in your thoughts this holiday season. They’ll receive personalized tips and suggestions via text message, through the holiday season, and all year long. And if they have friends who want to help but aren’t sure how, we’ll text them reminders and resources too. Subscribe here: https://grief.coach/holiday-gifts/

Handmade Handheld: Discovery delightful handmade finds via text

For this holiday season, Handmade Handheld has crafted a carefully curated collection of gifts for coffee lovers, for the hostess, your work wife, and more! Shop and explore easily from the palm of your hand. Get the guide now: https://hhhm.us/gift

Job Swiper: Use dating app technology to find your perfect match

Future and Current Founders, Job Swiper’s gift to you: Sign up with Job Swiper to post jobs, for free, through February 2020! Not ready to post? Sign up anyway to be a part of this revolutionary job search app! Start swiping: https://admin.job-swiper.com


The Modestkin X Modestwist collection consists of ethically produced tops curated with comfort, style and sustainability in mind. Our tops serve as the ultimate capsule wardrobe essential for setting the base foundations for layering. Great for wearing underneath deep necklines or sleeveless garments for the everyday modern women.

Check us out: www.modestskincollection.com

Nuflours Gingerbread House Kit

Nuflours is Seattle’s premium gluten free bakery. Nuflours believes in creating a bigger table, where everyone can enjoy food together. Start building: https://www.nuflours.com/new-products/holidays

Octobo by Thinker-Tinker

Robots don’t need to be hard! Our character-based play platform transforms screen time into customized, active play time with a lovable interactive plush. Octobo is the first smart plush that learns and grows with your child enhancing a new pattern of play through multimedia engagement. Grab one today: Thinker-Tinker.com

Outside the Box Creation: Art Box Subscription

This holiday season, give a gift you can truly feel good about, an Outside the Box Creation Art Box Subscription. It’s like an art class in a box delivered monthly for ages 5-11! Order here: https://outsidetheboxcreation.com/


rSecureNote Professional

Get or give rSecureNote, an extremely strong secure Digital Diary for your notes and documents. Live your digital life stress-free from Cyber-attacks and data breaches. No more complex passwords and keys to protect your data. Be creative with 17 Million colors and 100+ style options to secure your account and data.

For more information and to subscribe visit our website: www.rSecureNote.com and use Discount Code SAVE20F+F to save 20%

Sift Food Labels: Translating your food labels so that you know exactly what’s in your food

Get smart: https://www.siftfoodlabels.com/

Skillspire: give the gift of a new career opportunity in the tech world.

Skillspire is an inclusive coding school aiming to make the tech industry look more like the population it serves. We’re offering a 5% discount on any of our courses to the readers of Female Founders Alliance members and friends! Start learning: skillspire.net/all-courses/

Download the FFA Holiday Gift Guide!

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