Female Founder Feature – Shilpa Sharma, Flyte

Shilpa Sharma is the Co-founder & CEO of Flyte.

Tell us about your company. What inspired you to start it?
Flyte is an AI powered note-taking platform that automatically generates well-organized meeting minutes and action items right after a call. Our product saves hours of rework for business professionals. Flyte integrates with Zoom, Salesforce, Outlook and other platforms to enable individuals to seamlessly share meeting minutes with their team members. What started as an off-hand comment during a casual chat with a friend in sales, quickly evolved into a well-flushed startup idea with enthusiastic interest from a number of people including sales professionals, project managers and investors. We started Flyte with an aim to help business professionals save 80% of the time that is spent on documenting and sharing meeting minutes with their colleagues.
Who are your cofounders and what makes you a great team?
My co-founder Chhavi has an extensive background in building AI powered SaaS platforms, and has an experience in VC and investment banking space. His background in product development fits perfectly with my own background in technology operations and business development. Together, we complement, support, challenge as well as encourage each other as we continue to build Flyte into a powerhouse for automated note-taking.
How is your company making a difference?
Business professionals spend more than 20% of their time taking meeting minutes and sharing notes with their team members. This time could be spent on more productive activities such as selling, designing, marketing or networking. With hastily written disorganized notes, professionals struggle to keep track of key action items and takeaways from important client calls potentially missing out on sales opportunities. We’re building a productivity tool that can help millions of business professionals spend more time innovating and less time documenting.
What are some of the challenges you have faced?
In today’s fast paced environment, responding to competition and building a great team is a big challenge. We are constantly refining our product features as we receive customer feedback but there is always room for improvement. We bring great people to join our team and sometimes that takes time as we expect our team members to be motivated, transparent and passionate about Flyte so that we keep ourselves ahead of competition.
What is your biggest win?
My biggest win is that I’ve been able to surround myself with passionate and ambitious entrepreneurs who are leading meaningful initiatives around the world.
Who is your role model?
Richard Branson is my role model. His passion for entrepreneurship, adventure and philanthropic activities resonate well with my personality and interests.
What do you wish you had known before starting your company?
On-boarding mentors with complementary skills really helps businesses to accelerate growth. If I had know how much fun it would be to start a company, I would have done is sooner!
What is your CEO superpower?
My superpower is to be able to excel in multiple areas while staying positive and keeping a smile!
What has been your experience with FFA?
I’ve had a great experience interacting with FFA members. It’s a powerful and tight-knit community of accomplished female entrepreneurs helping each other grow and succeed in the business world.
Anything else you want people to know?
I am extremely passionate about providing quality education to underprivileged girls across the world. At Flyte, we are on a mission to promote and support this initiative and would love to partner with non-profit organizations that are working towards this goal.
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