Female Founder Feature – Kristina McCann, Chroma Realty

Kristina McCann is the Founding Broker of Chroma Realty.

Tell us about your company. What inspired you to start it?

The real estate industry is stale. I repeat: the real estate industry is stale. I began this company with multiple missions. First, to stop ‘agent abuse’, which is the chipping away at commission through nicks and dings and hidden fees. Second, to re-vamp the idea of a real estate office and revive the ‘service to the community’. I opened a free co-working space, which I allow the community to use at will and I simply run my own business out of my co-working space. And finally, to get away from the neutral and sterile environment that has become the real estate transaction. ‘Bold is the new neutral’ is my company motto!

Who are your co-founders and what makes you a great team?

Though I founded this company by myself, I am backed by a white-label VC-funded start-up brokerage called ‘Side Brokerage (formerly Reside Brokerage). The selection is stringent, as they only take on agents they believe in and give them an operating platform that allows them to grow a company without the details of running a company. I’m now free to manage people, not paperwork. More can be found at www.residebrokerage.com

How is your company making a difference?

In addition to providing the co-working space to support entrepreneurs and telecommuters in my community, my company aims to increase “color, culture, character and community” in its operations. Rather than taking on traditional projects, Chroma Realty wants to bring fresh, vibrant and unique initiatives to the attention of the members of the community it serves. The current favorite charity to support is www.girlscrushingit.org – developing future business women and supporting planning and execution skill sets in young girls.

What are some of the challenges you have faced?

Being mid-launch, I have to say that the biggest challenge I faced was getting to the point of wanting to ‘do something different’. This came from years of dissatisfaction at a traditional brokerage and trying to fit into a nonsensical ‘Realtor’ mold. Once I realized I had to break free, the journey felt so much lighter. Now I have to put on a leadership hat and cultivate a culture that I set out to have in my company and in my community.

What is your biggest win?

Being brave enough to say “Enough. This isn’t working for me and I’ll bet my money and reputation that it isn’t working for other people, too.”

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