Female Founder Feature: Heidi Metz – IMANI

Heidi Metz is the founder and CEO of IMANI, a platform enabling banking for the unbanked through a safe, inexpensive, cloud based mobile payment system. She has an MBA in International Marketing and Finance, and has 13 years of experience in global senior leadership roles.

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Tell us about your company. What inspired you to start it?

Growing up in developing nations around the world, I saw first-hand the results of economic oppression and wanted to make a difference. Since getting my MBA, I have worked in cutting edge technology and believe that poverty is one of the issues that technology, specifically blockchain, can address.

Who are your co-founders and what makes you a great team?

I am the sole founder of IMANI.

How is your company making a difference?

Access to funding. Our new revolutionary mobile payment system makes it possible to offer low-cost services to the unbanked anywhere in the world. We are initially focused on Sub-Saharan Africa.

What is your biggest win?

IMANI has 3.5 million customers waiting for launch.

Who is your role model?

Ann Gloag (Founder of Stagecoach).

What do you wish you had known before starting your company?

The amount of time it would take to find funding.

What has been your experience with FFA?

I was told about FFA by Lisa Hufford and joined FFA after watching the first Ready Set Raise Demo Day. I’m an active member of our Facebook group.

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