Female Founder Feature – Bri Makaric, BRITE bites

Bri Makaric is the Founder of BRITE bites.

Tell us about your company. What inspired you to start it?

BRITE bites™ is an all-natural probiotic snack bite company, which stands true to its core values of Balanced. Real. Integrity. Trust. Energy. Our first product line includes The Original Bite, Cocoa Bite, and Super Bite. BRITE bites™ are a wholesome, superfood snack bites which contain organic chia, flax, and pumpkin seeds as well as a probiotic. We differentiate ourselves from other brands on the market by offering a shelf-stable probiotic in our bites. Probiotics are live bacteria that are healthy for your gut. Each bite contains 1 billion CFUs of Live Probiotics and supports the digestive and immune systems* It was started by Bri Makaric because of her own digestive issues. She wanted an easier, more convenient way to consume probiotics. Bri was taking a daily probiotic in a pill form but knew that there needed to be something that was easier and ultimately taste betters as well.

How is your company making a difference?

BRITE bites is making a difference because we are providing customers with an all in one solution to consume their daily probiotics as well as fuel their body with the right kinds of nutrient-dense foods.

What are some of the challenges you have faced?

BRITE bites challenges have been around manufacturing, distribution and brand awareness.

What is your biggest win?

BRITE bites biggest win was winning first place at an International Business model competition against very tough teams.

What do you wish you had known before starting your company?

I wish I would have known how much certain things would have cost to be more prepared.

What is your CEO superpower?

My ability to take personal time and be active every day to refocus my energy on my work.
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