Eleven Music Tech Startups You Should Know

The Labz: The all-in-one tool that makes it easier to create communication-rich, highly interactive, and immersive experiences.

Venue: The new home base for live music online.The new home base for live music online.

24/7 Artists: A community for all creatives in the music industry.

Audioshake: AI tech to create stems from mixed tracks, allowing music rights holders to get more from their IP through remixing, karaoke versions, mash-ups and samples.

Stem: Offering music & video distribution, visualized data, monthly royalty payments, simplified revenue splits, and advances on future earnings

Cosynd: Making copyright protection affordable and accessible to all creators.

Hookist: Hookist brings the world together to write songs with everyone’s favorite artists!

Hurdl Inc.: Hurdl is the market leader in Live Event data capture and personalized SMS marketing.

Only Vinyl Media: Tell your story thru music. Hyperlocal music platform that helps ATX brands find their sound & local artists find their voice.

Thematic: Connecting creators and music artists. A collaborative platform where creators can use trending music in their videos in exchange for artist promo.

Weav: Bringing interactive music to gaming, the metaverse, & music nfts.

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