Announcing the Female Founders Alliance Champion Awards

In a year that has seen huge leaps forward in exposing companies, people and behaviors that affect women negatively, we want to lead the way in incentivizing the companies, people and behaviors that affect us positively.

We are thrilled to announce an initiative to recognize and reward the good in our community. On February 1st, 2018, the Female Founders Alliance will host an award ceremony to celebrate the people and organizations that best champion women in our industry. Tickets will be available starting in December. We will open up nominations soon in a number of categories. The winners will be selected by women: some by our core network of female startup founders, and some by any woman in the extended community who registers to vote. So please, speak up, nominate, VOTE, and attend, because individually we are drops of water, but together we are a thunderstorm. Help us spread the word by sharing the voter link with all your women friends. If you run a women’s organization and would like to partner with us, or are an individual or company interested in sponsoring this event, send us an email.
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