9 Gaming Startups You Should Know

We know that startup life isn’t all fun and games… but sometimes, it’s actually games! Check out these nine female-founded gaming startups that we’re celebrating this month.

Avia Games : A social competition platform

PMS Clan : A gaming community only for women!

Dorian : An inclusive creator & storytelling community

Sugar Gamers & LiveCGI: An inclusive gaming community & Streaming metaverse design

XEODesign, Inc.: A game development company

Glass Bottom Games: A game development company

Chartboost : A mobile app/game monetization and programmatic advertising platform

Evil Geniuses : North America’s premier esports organization, made up of the most powerful gamers, revolutionary cultural drivers, and entertainers

Funomena : A creative design & development studio that produces playful, innovative experiences for a variety of platforms

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