20 FinTech Companies You Should Know

Every month we at G&W publish a list of notable startups that are disrupting their industries with innovation in product, service and/or brand experience. Join us in celebrating them and amplifying their work!

To celebrate April as #FinancialLiteracyMonth, we’re sharing the wealth of knowledge that these #FinTech companies are making available.Whether you’re looking for #CryptoCurrency, loan support, insurance models, or a place to improve your credit score, all of these up-and-coming companies are bringing the best and brightest to the #FinTech world. Explore who they are with us and take this list to the bank!

  • Upwardli: Helps to build your credit fast, easy and affordably.
  • Guava: The banking hub for Black small business owners.
  • Debtle: Helps in resolving financial obligations, frictionlessly.
  • LoanSense: The place to go to reduce student loan debts.
  • Hello FIV: InsurTech made simple.
  • Muse Finance: Finance your business, in 24 hours.
  • 9th Gear Technologies: Say hello to intraday lending and same-day trading and settlement.
  • Icon: It’s the retirement savings solution that benefits everyone.
  • Physis Investment: Understand, track and measure the impact of your investments
  • CrossTower: NFT marketplace, for the collectors, the creators, and the innovators.
  • TaxTaker: Get the money you’re owed in less than an hour.
  • Kavout: Factors and portfolios at your fingertips, augmented with machine intelligence.
  • Odo: Loss-protected, decision-free investing powered by the US stock market.
  • Debbie: Helps borrowers transition to wealth builders.
  • Tala: Financial tools to help you borrow, save and grow, right from your phone.
  • Aura: A mindful money management platform designed to help you put your money to work.
  • Simba Tech: Impact-driven data collection for emerging markets.

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