20 CPG Companies to Watch + Holiday Gift Guide

We’re all moving at a million miles an hour — the brands you see in your life every day may blur into the background as you reach for goods at home or in the office. These brands are designing products that will make you look twice — they’re that gorgeous and THAT impactful.We are thrilled to share our twenty newest favorite CPG brands (and gifts!!) all female founded of course!

Every month we at G&W publish a list of notable startups that are disrupting their industries with innovation in product, service and/or brand experience. Join us in celebrating them and amplifying their work!

Here are twenty CPG start ups you should check out today brought to you by our partners at:

Justworks helps entrepreneurs grow with confidence. They’ve recently launched Just Thrive — a mission-based program, focused on supporting minority and women-owned businesses. Get access to big-company benefits, automated payroll, HR tools and compliance support. More information on the program may be found here. Our founders have access to two months free of Justworks admin fees. Activate that offer here.

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