14 FemTech Companies You Should Know

Every month we at G&W publish a list of notable startups that are disrupting their industries with innovation in product, service and/or brand experience. Join us in celebrating them and amplifying their work!

SoShe: What to expect when you’re expecting, but make it an app.

Anja Health: Stem cell storage that gives you roots in your health options.

Embie Clinic: IVF, IUI, or Egg Freezing? Embie helps guide you towards your goal: a growing family!

NAPS: Mental health support is essential in the pregnancy journey, no matter what stage you’re in.

Mahmee: Build your personalized care team for post-partum wellness.

The SnapBack: Having a baby changes everything. Shouldn’t your self-care change, too?

MOMBOX: Think *inside* the box with all of these must-have postpartum care products.

Una Touch Inc.: It’s not your phone that’s buzzing… it’s personalized pleasure.

ClaireCo: Reproductive challenges? Lean on your BFF, Claire, for support.

Carrot: Parents with benefits, made equitable by Carrot.

ART Compass: IVF is advancing every day… shouldn’t the way it’s organized be, too?

AsiaBiome: Go with your gut to advance human health, one microbe at a time.

Celmatix: Health is nothing to ovary-react about… that’s why Celmatix is improving women’s lives with biotech.

Aavia: Say goodbye to “BC” daily reminders on your phone and hello to an app that wants you to pop a pill.

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